Sportly is the premier multisport platform of its kind - helping players, coaches and clubs streamline team administration, improve communication, and enable more reliable athlete monitoring and performance measurement. Easier to use, faster and more dependable in all conditions, Sportly has been designed to support all types of sporting organisation from local teams and clubs to pre-elite academies, schools and SSOs with advanced training and athlete monitoring demands.  

For all your team admin requirements, Sportly brings your feed, calendar and team chat channels to the forefront. Sportly is by far the easiest app to use to get your team organised, and without intrusive ads making it difficult to navigate.

With the new Sportly calendar it’s super easy to schedule your team’s training or upcoming matches and monitor player and coach availability. We’ve also made it possible for coaches to record notes or attach media to specific training sessions to help reinforce key training points for each event.

The Sportly feed amplifies the power of community in organised sport, making it easier to share club, coach and player generated content, or promote your club’s key partners. Look out for exclusive content from our Sportly Labs team, who will be sharing articles, research and insight which is relevant to your sport.  

The Sportly menu makes finding your way around the app even easier. Depending on your organisation's subscription, here you can find your training, analytics and health modules.

The Sportly training module provides players with their own exercise library, facilitating access to quality training content from Sportly, their coach or club. Coaches can build structured training programs for their players, and can measure their progress using the Sportly screening tests in the app. For larger combine or TID sessions, use our excel upload templates to quickly assess the whole squad.

Our analytics module offers both recreational and elite athletes greater insight into their training patterns over time, and coaches greater visibility over the welfare of their team. The new player load report now helps them better understand the physical strain they are placing on their body, while the wellness report allows them to see how they are responding to the physical and mental aspects of training. Coaches can see who’s putting in the work and who is at risk of burning out. 

Self awareness of the activities you are taking to look after your body during intense training sessions is critical to remaining healthy. The Sportly Health & Injuries module centralises all your key personal health metrics and helps coaches manage player injuries across their teams. One of the most exciting features we have added to the personal health section is the Sportly Health Sync. With Health Sync, players can eliminate the need for data entry by automatically importing data from your connected devices, via your Apple Health or Google Fit apps!

Sportly is the only end-to-end solution of its kind, that replaces multiple applications and combines your team administration, training and athlete monitoring into one single, easy to use platform.  So why don’t you get your team or club started with Sportly today?

Written by Damien Thomson

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