Building tomorrow's champions

We are an Australian sports technology company that has been operating since 2020, with the simple aim of helping accelerate the process of athletes’ progress.

We achieve this by providing training management solutions to coaches, clubs, academies, schools and sports organisations to help them:

  • Monitor athlete training loads to minimise the risk of injury
  • Manage athlete well being so their players are at peak physical and mental condition come game day
  • Implement a performance culture and evaluate improvements 
  • Streamline team administration so players, coaches and parents are on the same page
  • Improve team communications, and build a strong community around their sport

Our approach is to design easy to use applications with young players in mind, to ensure the quality of data and inform proper decision making.

We believe that as athletes, you are never too young or old to understand and subscribe to the principles of safe training, and the concepts that will help you minimise your risk of injury. We want to see every junior athlete reach their full potential and are proud to be helping build tomorrow’s champions

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If you're an athlete or a coach, our multi-sport version of the Sportly app is available to download on both IOS and Android devices. Simply visit your resective store using the links below. Download the app, create your profile and join your team to get started.

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