Hey Sportly Fans!

Our latest release introduces some key enhancements, designed to simplify the management of your team training and development.


  • Calendar: With a clean, fresh look, the new agenda view for the range of Sportly mobile apps makes it easier to navigate and see what you have on and when. For coaches and clubs that subscribe to the premium version of Sportly, you can now create, edit and delete events directly from your mobile device. These features make the management of schedules in Sportly fast and intuitive, allowing you to spend more time coaching or playing, and less time on admin!
  • Reporting: Based on popular demand, the Athlete Wellness report has been added to the mobile view! Coaches can now see how athletes are responding to the physical and mental rigour of their training schedules directly from their mobile device, making it easier to have conversations with your players when it counts.
  • Chat: The Sportly team chat channels are a great way to manage communication, and now you can share clickable links to external content directly in the forum.
  • Programs: We’ve given the program timer an overhaul, and made this persistent across the app, so once a training plan has been commenced you can see how long you have been working for, even if you leave the programs screen. We’ve also added an additional locking feature so that your training plan won’t restart or be interrupted should you take a break.


  • Player Stats & Game Result: Looking to get deep into the data? Well now you can combine training with performance to get that insight overload you crave. Where you have scheduled games for your team on the calendar, coaches can now add the final game result and upload player stats for your team. Centralising all your player centric information means you never have to spend time searching for it again!
  • Box Stats Report: All of the data now captured for game results and player stats is available to coaches in a convenient box stats report. Check it out in the reporting section of the web.
  • Rich Text Editor: Now your content sharing can be as expressive as you need with the Sportly feed rich text editor. Enable for all web based posts (with markup displayed on mobile) you can now add text formatting and justification to each of your posts!

Got something that you would like to see in Sportly? Tell us all about it by emailing support@sportly.me

Written by Damien Thomson

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