Story behind Sportly.Me

You may know of the Sportly.Me Platform, but do you know how our journey began?

2 daughters, both active sports people and train very hard in the sport they love – basketball!

Through their training and competition, both girls regularly sustained low grade injuries which interrupt their training and risk long term damage.

Dad searches for an app that helps monitor athletes training and wellbeing to prevent these injuries, but nothing can be found that is simple enough for young players.

Dad gives up on searching and decides to develop the BEST solution for coaches and sporting organisations to support young athletes achieve their potential safely.

Thanks to Dad, both daughters are fully recovered and back on the court, inspiring others to join the Sportly.Me community of young athletes who are all getting better together.

And as for Dad, he continues to run Sportly.Me and develop the leading junior sports performance, development and management platform, designed specifically for growing athletes.

Sportly.Me is purpose built to facilitate more effective coaching of junior sporting teams, by providing elite development and analysis tools with a greater focus on junior athlete well-being.