Professional coaching tools to help players reach for the stars.

Sportly.Me offers a safe, fun and supportive environment for young players to reach their full potential. Through our platform, we create a community centred around your teams, clubs and friends, enabling you to build up a fan base and share your progress and achievements.

Our Training Library

The Sportly.Me training library provides you with hundreds of pre-configured training workouts you can use to improve at home, or access training programs developed by your coach or our Sportly.Me team, made available to you through our mobile app.

Know How You Train

For junior athletes, the current IOC recommendation is that you don’t train more hours per week than your current age. To be the best you need to be organised and know exactly how you are investing your training time. We provide you with a weekly breakdown across our core development areas, including Skills, Strength, Speed and Stretch. For serious athletes, you can also monitor your key nutrition markers to ensure you are keeping your body at peak physical condition.

Challenge Yourself

Join a challenge set by your club or coach. Check the leaderboard to see how you are going and remember to look out for Sportly.Me challenges where you can compete with the whole community to win great prizes.

Privacy and Security

Security is central to our success. Sportly.Me has been developed with young children in mind, so we provide controls to assist parents manage the privacy of their children’s data. Our users are in complete control of how much or how little they share.

Why should you chose Sportly.Me?

Performance Insights

Access detailed reporting and insight to review your training patterns and game results.

Streamlined Communication

Connect with your team through a child safe team forum.

Achieve Greatness

Unlock Sportly.Me training badges you can share with the community

Access Programs

access workouts and custom training programs created for you by your coach and the team.

Training Schedule

View your upcoming game and training schedule and update your attendance.

Compete Together

Participate in team or Sportly.Me challenges where you can win great prizes