Player Development


Train your players your way

Regardless of whether you are coaching a State team or Division 5 side, with Sportly.Me you have the flexibility to create customised training plans for your individual players, through to general training programs to share with your teams. With Sportly.Me you can set the agenda for training and watch your teams improve.

Training Programs

A well-designed training plan is important for the safety and success of all junior athletes, and not just a requirement for elite sports people. Sportly.Me offers coaches the ability to build highly customised training programs, utilising both their own training content or accessing our comprehensive library of workouts – complete with instructions and videos. Share general skills programs with multiple teams in your club or specific strength & conditioning programs with individual players.

Remote Feedback

As a coach, you can’t always be available to your team to provide feedback on technique or form. Perhaps they are in different cities or states, or just unable to train in person as frequently as you would like. Regardless of where your players are, they can still share their progress with Sportly.Me’s video upload and coach feedback feature. Receive notifications as your players add their training videos and share your feedback with them directly.

Comprehensive Reporting

Sportly.Me is a platform that encourages development of all athletes no matter their level of ability, so it’s not surprising to learn that we provide insight into how athletes are progressing – not just with their skills, but equally as important for a balanced training program are our other focus areas including speed, strength and stretch. Combine this with performance stats and screening test results, training load information, nutrition and wellness data and you have the most comprehensive suite of reports supporting junior athletes.

Sportly.Me is purpose built to facilitate more effective coaching of junior sporting teams, by providing elite development and analysis tools with a greater focus on junior athlete well-being.