Create performance benchmarks & access real time insights

Quantify the base levels of your team and learn how they are improving across the key markers for your sport. Identify their relative strengths and weaknesses determined through screening assessments from our comprehensive library.

Screening Tests

The main purposes of sport-specific screening testing can include talent scouting and development of young athletes as well as the identification of strengths and weaknesses in young and elite athletes to be used for training purposes. Sportly.Me offers a library of tests covering everything from aerobic, anaerobic, strength and power, body composition and body movement. Easily run testing across your entire development squad and quickly analyse the results.

Individual Player Assessments

Sportly.Me is a platform that encourages development of all athletes no matter their level of ability, so it’s not surprising to learn that we provide insight into how athletes are progressing – not just with their skills, but equally as important for a balanced training program are our other focus areas including speed, strength and stretch. Combine this with an athlete’s performance stats and screening test results, training load information, nutrition and wellness data to prepare individual player assessments for your junior athletes.

Sportly.Me is purpose built to facilitate more effective coaching of junior sporting teams, by providing elite development and analysis tools with a greater focus on junior athlete well-being.