Advanced coaching tools to aid development and support athletes reaching their potential.

Exclusive features for coaches

We believe Sportly is an incredibly valuable platform for coaches to support their face to face training. We focus on providing valuable data and insight across training patterns, load management and athlete wellness to help promote effective training.

  • Athlete Wellbeing

    Monitor the physical and mental wellbeing of your athletes using Training Load and Wellness tracking tools.

  • Exercise Library

    Access the Sportly library or upload your own training assets and easily add to programs or make available to your athletes.

  • Program Templates

    Build custom training programs to provide structured development of your teams or individual athletes.

  • Streamline Admin

    Simplify team admin by utilising your event scheduling tools. Maintain your team calendar, track attendence and add training notes.

  • Improve Communication

    Enable team chat for your team to get players, coaches and parents on the same page!

  • Performance Culture

    Apply science to your team selection processes and player development through Athlete Screening Tests

Get Started With Sportly

If you're an athlete or a coach, our multi-sport version of the Sportly app is available to download on both IOS and Android devices. Simply visit your resective store using the links below. Download the app, create your profile and join your team to get started.

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