Community & Fan Engagement


Build a supportive sporting community

For the young players who fell in love with the game and never looked back. For the clubs and coaches who never stop pushing to keep young dreams alive. Sportly.Me helps you communicate and engage with your club and share sport specific content in a safe environment for young athletes to consume.

Embrace Your Feed

Utilise the Sportly.Me feed to share information with active players and coaches within your club. Whether it be club updates, relevant education and training material or new opportunities for your club sponsors to engage with your community, the feed is central to building your community in a safe and supportive environment.

Learn From Pro Athletes

Professional athletes have the ability to inspire and motivate our future stars. Sportly.Me has embraced this philosophy and has created a unique Pro Athlete program where approved sporting ambassadors can share their experience directly to the feed. Fans can follow these pro athletes and learn how they train or what drives them. Imagine receiving a high five from your hero after sharing a new PB!

Sportly.Me is purpose built to facilitate more effective coaching of junior sporting teams, by providing elite development and analysis tools with a greater focus on junior athlete well-being.