Professional coaching tools to help players reach for the stars.

We believe Sportly.Me is an incredibly valuable platform for coaches to support their face to face training. We focus on providing valuable data and insight across 3 core areas to help promote effective training.

What We Do?

Firstly, Sportly.Me is a platform that encourages Development of all athletes no matter their level of ability, so it’s not surprising to learn that we provide insight into how athletes are developing – not just with their skills, but equally as important for a balanced training program are the other focus areas including speed, strength and stretch.

Sportly Features

Secondly, we capture performance data to help coaches visualise player improvement, or, identify areas for improvement. Features such as screening tests, game & stats tracking are powerful tools for driving performance outcomes from training.

Sportly Add Ons

Finally, and arguably most importantly, Sportly.Me helps reduce the risk of injury through over (or under) training, resulting in players spending more time on court and performing at a higher level when it counts. Physical and mental wellness tracking combined with advanced training load analysis are important feedback tools for any training program, and Sportly.Me makes it easy for players to log and coaches to review data.

Why should you chose Sportly.Me?

Athlete Wellbeing

Monitor the wellbeing of your athletes using Training Load and Wellness tracking tools.

Analyse Performance

Access detailed reporting and insight to review your team’s training patterns and results

Create Lasting Programs

Build custom training programs to structure the development of your teams

Performance Culture

Apply science to your player development through Athlete Screening Tests

Streamline Communication

Facilitate team communication through child safe team chat

Organise Your Players

Help track player attendance by using game and training scheduling tools