Professional coaching tools to help players reach for the stars.

Sportly.Me has proven to be a valuable tool for any junior development program. It’s versatility enables it to be equally central to a grassroots program as it is to an elite representative team.

Club Features

Sportly.Me serves as a great resource for –

  • Centralizing and sharing custom training workouts.
  • Building development programs for groups of players.
  • Incorporating athlete screening tests into team selection process or talent identification.
  • Monitoring training progress and providing feedback on individual technique through our unique coach feedback feature.

One app for everything

Sportly.Me eliminates the need for multiple apps to take care of the administrative aspects for junior teams. We provide your teams with group chat channels, game and training scheduling and club wide updates.


As your players development and training focus evolves from primarily skills based to encompass strength and conditioning, then Sportly.Me continues to support them along their journey… and for those elite players looking to a future career in their chosen sport, we can provide them with a Sportly.Me Training Passport – a historical overview of their entire training patterns, achievements, teams and results.

Why should you chose Sportly.Me?

Athlete Wellbeing

Monitor the wellbeing of your athletes using Training Load and Wellness tracking tools.

Centralise Your Library

Monitor the wellbeing of your athletes using Training Load and Wellness tracking tools.

Create Lasting Programs

Build custom training programs to structure the development of your teams

Performance Culture

Apply science to your team selection processes and player development through Athlete Screening Tests

Streamline Communication

Allow teams to communicate through child safe chat channels

Organise Your Players

Help track player attendance by using game and training scheduling tools