Athlete Monitoring


Know when your players are beat before they do

Achieving peak player performance requires a balance between hard work and injury prevention. Sportly.Me allows coaches to monitor individual training loads, combined with personal health and wellness attributes across their teams to ensure come game day, they are firing.

Monitor Training Loads

Research demonstrates a clear correlation between training load and injury & illness in young athletes. Effective, systemic management of training loads benefits both the athletes and sporting bodies, as athletes spend more time playing and less time on the sideline injured, resulting in a higher level of performance across the whole sporting cohort. Sportly.Me has been developed specifically with young athletes in mind, with simplified data collection producing increased compliance and accuracy when it comes to analysing training loads.

Track Physical & Mental Wellness

Routine screening of elite athletes for mental health symptoms is one of the key findings of an Orygen survey of 749 AIS-supported athletes, with one in five reporting they had previously sought treatment for a mental health problem. With this in mind, coaches need a simple solution to help keep track of the mental and physical well being of not just elite athletes, but ALL junior athletes who they may interact with. Sportly.Me enables junior athletes to self-report daily wellbeing across 5 key attributes, providing their coaches with an early indicator of physical and/or mental stress, allowing programs to be adjusted accordingly.

Injury Reporting

Sports injuries are diverse in terms of the mechanism of injury, how they present in individuals, and how the injury should be managed. The effects of injuries over time can be cumulative and ultimately impact the long term development of growing bodies. Sportly.Me provides athletes with an injury reporting system to assist in management of the long term effects of injuries and assist coaches with the adjustment of programs to minimise future risk.

Personal Health & Nutrition

Supporting young athlete development through making healthy choices is a big part of our philosophy. Whether it be through the encouragement of rest days to the tracking of sleep, hydration and nutrition, the Sportly.Me Personal Health module allows coaches to educate their teams on making the right choices to fuel their bodies.

Sportly.Me is purpose built to facilitate more effective coaching of junior sporting teams, by providing elite development and analysis tools with a greater focus on junior athlete well-being.